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HYSA El Toro Clinic Successes & February Events

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

This past weekend's HYSA El Toro Clinic turned out to be a great success! Thank you to our clinic coaches, Jesse Andrews (KYC) and Guy Fleming (WYC) for leading our junior sailors into a series of lessons on boat handling, sailing strategies, rules, tactics, boat speed, and one's mental-emotional state while sailing. They experienced what good sportsmanship looks like, and in their areas of improvement. Our junior sailors gained a wealth of experiences, sharing what they learned and found quite rewarding by the end of the clinic.

Here are a few of the areas they discussed during the debriefing:

Rigging and tuning

Preventing accidental jibe

Body position

Run to run jibes

Hiking out


Single handling




Mark rounding - Slow Down and wide & tight



By the lee

Vang tensioning - subtle


Thank you to KYC for hosting the 2-day clinic and the parents and sailing ohana who volunteered to help make this clinic happen!

If you are on Facebook HYSA page, check out the vast number of clinic pictures shared by parents, coaches, and HYSA board members.



The HYSA El Toro clinic participants had a chance to win an extra HYSA Tech Shirt or a US Sailing Association youth membership by naming as many parts to the El Toro sailboat.

Congratulations to Noah Jost and Lucas Doran for being our first giveaway winners of the HYSA 2022 season! (parents will be contacted this week)

Do you know the parts of the El Toro sailboat? Here are many of the entries we received. Names are blocked out that identify a sailor's entry. But, as you can see, even the basic parts of the El Toro can be added to the list. For this first-ever giveaway contest, every sailor had a chance to win if they submitted an entry. Next time, we might have different criteria, so know your sailboat parts of the boat you would be racing the day of the first 2 HYSA OS and the first 2 HYSA El Toro/Laser regattas (hint, hint!)!

Oh, wait, what?! You need a hint to the many potential Giveaway Contest questions? Sure!

Know your sailboat parts, continue to learn the names of the tactics you use on the water, Do you know the meaning of the parts of the HYSA logo? What Hawaiian bird do you think/know is flying over the sails? Which boats do the sails represent? Is that a wave? Hmm...but what kind of wave, current, or symbolism does it represent? What is HYSA's Code of Ethics for junior sailors? What does it mean to have good sportsmanship? What does having the Corinthian spirit mean to you? Do you know the names and locations of other yacht clubs across all the Hawaiian islands, too? Oh - that's a hard one, but for a head start, zoom out on the Contact page for a few yacht clubs listed, there's a map! ;)

Check out the various parts of the HYSA website, perhaps, you just might get more clues to add to your entry for the next giveaway contest questions!


For more info on the upcoming sailing events, go to the Calendar page for links in the master calendar to the regatta NOR, flyers, or other club websites.


(click on "Register Now" to get the details of the event. Registration information may be different for each HYSA or HLA regatta, and updates are forthcoming.)


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