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High School Sailing

The High School Sailing program is an organized athletics competition through the Interscholastic League of Honolulu (ILH).  Since its founding in 2003, ILH schools have competed in the Spring Season at the Varsity and Junior Varsity levels.  Currently, students compete in Varsity I, Varsity II, and Varsity III levels.  

For ILH Sailing, in recent years, competing schools include Iolani, Kamehameha, Mid-Pacific, Le Jardin Academy, Punahou School, Sacred Hearts Academy, and St. Andrew's Priory.

Upcoming Events

High School Sailing Classes and Scoring


Varsity I are the most advanced sailors who compete double-handed in 420's for the Charlie Dole Bowl 

Varsity II compete double-handed in 420's for the Tom Holden Bowl

Varsity III (formerly Junior Varsity) competes double-handed in Toppers for the Charlie Dole Bowl

Coaches from each school, with the help of the WYC and HYC sailing directors, determine what level their student-athletes will compete in based on skill and roster limitations. 

The ILH Champion will be determined using the following formula:


Each school will count the total score for all races in the regular season ILH Regattas.
1.  The team score will be multiplied by 30%.
2.  Each school will have their scores in the two ILH Championship Regattas multiplied by 70%.
3.  The scores from the ILH regular season and the ILH Championship Regattas will be added to determine the overall ILH Champion.


HYSA Delegate for High School Sailing, Charlie Fields

ILH Sailing Coordinator, Michael Schwab

Check-in with your school's Athletic Director for more information

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