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HYSA2023 Sailing Calendar

HYSA 2022 sailing season begins December 1, 2022 through November 31, 2023. 

Hawaii Associations and Yacht Clubs

HYRA      Hawaii Yacht Racing Association

HYSA      Hawaii Youth Sailing Association

HLA         Hawaii Laser Association


HKBC     Hawaii Kai Boat Club, Hawaii Kai

HYC        Hawaii Yacht Club, Honolulu

KYC        Kaneohe Yacht Club, Kaneohe

LYC         Lahaina Yacht Club, Lahaina, Maui

MKYC     Makani Kai Yacht Club, Kaneohe

PHYC     Pearl Harbor Yacht Club, Aiea

PYC        Pacific Yacht Club, Hickam AFB

RBM       Rainbow Bay Marina, Pearl Harbor

WYC       Waikiki Yacht Club, Honolulu

Note:  Non-HYSA sponsored events are included on the master schedule below.  Please contact HYSA Commodore Steve if your club's junior program is interested in including invitational regattas on the HYSA calendar.  HYRA also provides a master calendar of all regattas and events of member clubs and organizations.


Hawaii Youth Sailing Association 2023 Sailing Season


             3-4          HYSA High-Performance Laser Clinic @WYC

             10           420 & 29er Hawaii State Championshps@KYC


             14           HLA #1 @WYC

             21-22      HYSA El Toro Clinic @KYC



             11           HLA#2 @KYC 

             26           HLA #3 @Pacific YC, at RBM

             25-26      HYSA O'pen Skiff Clinic @KYC



             4             HYSA #1 @Pacific YC, at RBM

             11-14      US Sailing IQFoil & Wing Camp @WcH, KYC

             16-19      US Sailing IQFoil & Wing Camp @WcH, KYC

             18-20      CISA Advanced Racing Clinic @ABYC, Long Beach, CA

             25           Spring Dinghy Regatta (O’pen Skiff & Feva) @Lahaina YC, Maui

             24-26      ILCA Midwinters West @ABYC, Long Beach, CA


             1-31        High School Sailing regattas – ILH

             8             HYSA Advanced ILCA Clinic with Ross Harvey 1 @KYC

             15           HYSA Advanced ILCA Clinic with Ross Harvey 2 @HYC

             21-23      O'pen Skiff North American Championship, Mission Bay YC, San Diego, CA

             29           HYSA #2 @PHYC, at RBM




             6             WYC Slim Lambert Memorial / Invitational (El Toro) @ WYC

             13           WYC ILCA Invitational @WYC     

             20-22      US Sailing Level 1 Instructor Course @WYC




             3-4          HYSA Advanced ILCA Clinic with Steve Mitchell @KYC

             8-9          US Sailing Area H Triplehanded Qualifier for Sears Cup (Rhodes19) @PHYC, at Rainbow Bay Marina

             26-30      US Sailing Youth Championships, Bristol, RI



             US SAILING Junior Olympic Festival - Hawaii 2023

             5-7          JO – C420 @WYC

             9             HYSA #3 for O’pen Skiff (Margret Haig Memborial for O’pen Skiff) @HYC

             10           HYSA #4 for O’pen Skiff (Connie Smales Invitational for O’pen Skiff) @WYC

             11           HYSA #3 for El Toro (Margaret Haig Memorial for El Toro and Toppers) @HYC

             12           HYSA #4 El Toro (Connie Smales Invitational for El Toro and Toppers) @WYC

             13           HYSA #3 for Laser (Margret Haig Memorial for Laser) @HYC

             14           HYSA #4 for Laser (Connie Smales Invitational for Laser) @WYC

             16           US Sailing Junior Olympic Festival Banquet @WYC

             19           JO-WASZP Junior Champs @KYC   

             20           JO-Wing Foil Junior Champs @KYC

             21           JO-IQ Foil Junior Champs @KYC


             20-24      US Sailing Junior Women’s Singlehanded & Doublehanded Championship, California YC



              10-13     US Sailing Jr. Nationals – CHUBB US Junior Championship, Lakewood YC, Seabrook, TX

              TBD       HYSA Match Racing Clinic @KYC

              26          HLA #4 @KYC

              27          HLA #5 @KYC



             9-10        HYRA Singlehanded Hawaii State Championship, HLA #6 @KYC

             16           O’pen Skiff Hawaii State Championships @KYC

             23           El Toro Hawaii State Championships @KYC

             24           The 72nd Bullship @KYC



             7-8          Keith Dinsmoor Trophy Regatta @Lahaina YC, Maui

             7             HLA #7 Duke Kahanamoku @WYC

             8             HLA #8 ILCA Districts @WYC

             14           HYSA #5 @KYC

             15           HYSA #6 @Makani Kai YC, at KYC

             28           Maui Divers Interscholastic Challenge Cup (Laser Radials, for 7-12th graders) @WYC



             TBD        Seafest @WYC  to benefit Hawaii Sailing Foundation

             18           HYRA - HYSA Junior Sailors’ Awards Banquet @WYC


DECEMBER        2024 HYSA Sailing Season Begins

              2-3         HYSA Laser Clinic @WYC

              9            C420 and 29er Hawaii State Championship @KYC

              16-17     US Sailing Level 2 Instructor Course @WYC


** Go to the menu tab Sailor & Parents - HYSA File Share page for folders on regattas, event flyer, NOR, SI, or results.

REMINDER: Check the HYSA File Share page for regatta NOR, SI or Results.  

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