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Sailors & Parents

This page will help direct you to information on HYSA Membership, forms, regatta, clinic registration, and other VERY important information you always wanted to know.

Join our HYSA Sailing Ohana
Let's volunteer to make great things happen for our kids!

Check-in with your child's Sailing Director or your club's HYSA Delegate to learn how you can help during the regattas, clinics, or other events. 

We always need help during HYSA regatta Check-in.  We have parent volunteers bagging snacks, selling merchandise, confirming registrants, or helping our dedicated sailing directors however they need.

Other areas of need:

Safety Boats

Race Committee

Parent of the Day


Aloha to HYSA 2022!

E Komo Mai and Mahalo for being patience as we reorganize and provide you with a lot of great initiatives for our youth sailors and families. 

Added 420/29er, Laser & iQFoil Olympic Clinics

Added HYSA 420/29er regattas

Added HYSA Waszp regattas

New HYSA Tech Shirt colors

HYSA Clubspot website for administrative management

Paperless membership registration, and forms

Online transactions at HYSA Clubspot

On-site, at host yacht club, credit card transactions for merchandise

HYSA Membership

HYSA Membership renews every year from Dec. 1st to Nov. 31st of the following year and will include a HYSA Tech Shirt. HYSA membership includes youth sailors under 23 years on the day of the regatta.  Membership is open to all youth sailors regardless of yacht club affiliation.  Annual dues = $25


The membership can be purchased as you register online at HYSA Clubspot Membership 2022.

If you are new to Clubspot, we encourage you to follow the Help guide here to get set up.  Click here for the latest blog post on registering for membership.

Following your HYSA Membership registration and payment, you will be emailed a link to complete the required membership waivers in an e-signature form.

HYSA Forms

All HYSA youth sailors and parents are required to complete the following wiavers/forms, which will be emailed to you after you have registered.  An email will be sent to "view and complete the online signature request".


  1. HYSA General Release, Indemnification, and Covenant Not to Sue Agreement

  2. Authority to Consent to Medical Treatment in Emergency Situations

  3. Concussion Awareness Educational Material

  4. HYSA Social Media Policy & Consent

  5. HYSA Code of Ethics & Sportsmanship


Refer to the Calendar page for any updates or changes in our sailing season.  Foremost, check in with your sailing director for any updates prior to HYSA events.


HYSA membership is managed by The Clubspot, a web-based administration platform.  Parents can acquire their child's membership for the current year by using this link to HYSA Clubspot Membership 2022. 

Note that the regatta entry fees for the  HYSA El Toro and Laser #1-8, HYSA Open Skiff #1-6, and HYSA Waszp #1-3 will be managed and collected by the host club. All HYSA regattas will cost $12 and will offer a discount ($2 off) if the sailor is a US Sailing Association member. 


All host clubs may offer other means of purchasing the regatta entry fee - such as through Regatta Network, Clubspot weblinks, or on-site at Check-in with cash, check, or credit card. (Info will be in the NOR or flyer)


Only the fees from HYSA Clinics, Membership, tech shirts, or other merchandise are managed and collected by HYSA via its Clubspot weblink, or on-site at Check-in.  

Upcoming Events

Find detailed information on the next 5 upcoming HYSA calendar events in the  - Upcoming Events - click on the "Details" button. Each regatta should include information and registration links at least two weeks prior to the event


For HLA, club or other regattas listed on the master calendar list, please either check the provided links for the NOR or check for more info at the host club's website.


Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us to ask a question not listed.

  1. I would like to volunteer, but it may be at the last moment of notice.  Whom do I contact to learn how I could be helpful?

    • Get in contact with your child's Yacht Club Sailing Director or your club's HYSA Delegate.  If your club is hosting a HYSA regatta or other event, they will most definitely need all the volunteers to help make the regatta a club success.

    • Email us at hysaboard.com, and we'll direct you to the right person in our sailing ohana.​

    • Or you can introduce yourself at a regatta Check-in where our awesome team will be glad for your help.

  2. Does my child need to be a  US Sailing Association member?

    • No. However, there is an advantage to having a membership....

      • Many of our HYSA regattas provide a slight discount if your child is a US Sailing Association member.  Although HYSA regatta fees vary, a typical HYSA regatta entry fee is $12, with a US Sailing membership you get a $2 discount -  the regatta will cost $10 instead.  You must have your child's US Sailing number available while registering for the regatta. 

    • Yes, for specific regattas on the HYSA Calendar, such as the US Sailing Area H Chubb Championships, and US Sailing Junior Olympic Festivals.  Always ask your child's sailing director for clarification, and check the NOR - Notice of Race - for each regatta.

      • Most yacht clubs participate in the US Sailing MVP Program.  If not, you can register your child under the HYSA MVP Program to receive a discount on a youth membership.  The discount is $5, thus an annual youth membership would be $25.

  3. What does "NOR" mean? It means "Notice of Race", a document that provides the details and expectations of the regatta.  It includes information on entry fees and registration, membership requirements, schedule, sailing instructions, point of contact, and much more.  The NORs for HYSA regattas can be found as a link on the main CALENDAR page, or in the "Details" of the next five Upcoming Events.