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HYRA Awards Banquet 2022

HYSA Junior Sailors receive awards in the HYSA and HLA Regatta Series

What an amazing year with over-the-top racing and clinics for every single month in the 2022 Sailing Season! After nearly two years of the Covid-pandemic shutdowns and the adjusted 2021 sailing schedules, the Hawaii Youth Sailing Association board provided our sailors with a full schedule in the O'pen Skiff regatta series (HYSA OS #1-6) and the El Toro + Laser sailing series (HYSA #1-8), along with several additional clinics.

Junior sailors celebrated their accomplishments and received end-of-the-season points awards at the annual Hawaii Yacht Racing Association (HYRA) awards banquet at Kaneohe YC this past Saturday, November 19th. Congratulations to every one of our junior sailors for accomplishing your sailing goals this season, for earning an End-of-the-Season Award, and for simply coming out for the regattas and clinics.

We certainly hope you come back for the 2023 sailing season!

2022 HYRA Awards Banquet Photo Gallery (slide pics)

PARENTS and Sailing Ohana! MAHALO!

Thank you, thank you HYSA Parents and Sailing Ohana, for supporting your child(ren) in their desire to sail and compete in the HYSA regatta series or clinics. Thank you for volunteering at your club's events - during Check-in, on the race committee, in providing safety boat support, at the annual Hawaii Sailing Foundation fundraiser at KYC PIGFEST 2022, and most recently, all the support you provided HYRA at the annual awards banquet, even within a short notice. We have certainly appreciated everyone's efforts in making the sailing season absolutely fun for our junior sailors, and we hope to see you again during the next 2023 HYSA sailing season.

A few pics of the HYSA Support Crew 2022 - Clubs, Parents, and our Sailing Ohana

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