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High School Sailing Season Wrap Up

By Guy Fleming

Congratulations to the roughly 96 high school sailors who just completed the 2019 Interscholastic League of Honolulu Sailing Season. Fourteen coaches worked with eight schools to make this season a success. Many thanks to the following coaches: Iolani– Michael Magnussen and Tom Kamehameha– Randy Maxedon Le Jardin– Shealin Johnson and Pearl Lattanzi Punahou– Charlie Field and Grant Christopher Sacred Hearts– Ailana Warren, and Lee Libby St Andrews Priory– Todd Wyrick St Francis– Amy Takaki and Polly Massaro Mid Pacific– Lance Miller and Sandy Park

Thanks also to the Waikiki and Hawaii Yacht Clubs who continue in their support of future sailors by hosting the season. It is part of their mission to promote the sport of racing sailboats and this is certainly the next generation of sailors. And thanks to Michael Schwab, the ILH Athletic Director in charge of sailing.

Fifty total races were run in three skill levels with awards for the top three schools handed out at an awards ceremony, arranged by the coaches, last night.

Varsity 3 Developmental Division 5th place– Kamehameha, 74 points 4th place– Iolani, 72 points 3rd place– St Andrews, 71 points 2nd place– Sacred Hearts, 69 points 1st place– Punahou, 63 points

Varsity 3 6th– St Francis, 90 points 5th– Kamehameha, 73 points 4th– Sacred Hearts, 66 points 3rd– St Andrews, 55 points 2nd– Punahou, 26 points 1st– Iolani, 24 points

Varsity 2 Developmental Division 3rd– Punahou, 13 points 2nd– Kamehameha, 10 points 1st– Iolani, 8 points

Varsity 2 4th– Mid Pacific, 26 points 3rd– Kamehameha, 20 points 2nd– Punahou, 16.1 points 1st– Iolani, 15.5 points

Varsity 1 5th– Kamehameha, 152 points 4th– Le Jardin, 110 points 3rd– Iolani, 101 points 2nd– Mid Pacific, 67 points 1st– Punahou, 36 points

Congrats to Iolani for winning the Barclay Award. It does not exist but if it did, it would be the combined places of Varsity 1,2, and 3. Iolani would win the tie breaker with a score of 3,1,1 to Punahou's 1,2,2.



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