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9 Sailors to Compete at the 2022 CHUBB U.S. Junior Championship

This year, Hawaii will be sending nine junior sailors hailing from Kaneohe Yacht Club and Waikiki Yacht Club to compete at the 2022 Chubb U.S. Junior Championships at Macatawa Yacht Club, Macatawa, Michigan, August 8-12th. Congratulations team Hawaii!

William Bagley – ILCA/Laser Radial – for the Smythe Trophy

Michael Kai Hochart – ILCA/Laser Radial – for the Smythe Trophy

Madi Suh and Spencer Fleming – C420 – for the Bemis Trophy

Makamae and Kamakana Vierra – C420 – for the Bemis Trophy

Noelani Velasco, Makani Andrews, and Bryce Huntoon – VX One – for the Sears Cup


We asked our junior sailors how they prepared for the competition and what long or short-term sailing goals might they have at this time.

Michael Kai (below pic on left) - I've been sailing as much as I can, anywhere between 2-3 hours on the water every day, and fitness training with the rowing machine. I am really looking forward to the Chubb U.S. Junior Championships!

My sailing goals are to be competitive in the ILCA class and continue to compete in events. I also enjoy racing in other classes, winging, and foiling. Most importantly to have fun and learn as much as possible.

William (on right) - I spent anywhere from 3-6 days a week on the water working with my coaches and peers to develop my skills and tactics. I also cross-trained through competitive swimming to build my strength and endurance.

My only focus right now is performing at my best for this week's competition. Long term I want to continue my passion in laser sailing, and also continue to expand my sailing with other boats I enjoy like the 29er and Waszp.

Spencer has competed in the full season of HYSA and HLA regattas thus far, while Madi (skipper), a high school senior, has been able to compete in only a handful of Laser and El Toro regattas. Both train regularly in a variety of light and high wind conditions with their WYC teammates in the basin, offshore, and off of Diamond Head. Madi and Spencer also skippered for their high school sailing teams. Spencer's recent sailing goal was accomplished by earning his certification as a US Sailing Level 3 coach.

Kama (skipper) and Maka - To prepare for this event we learned how to use a spinnaker, and a 420. The first time we sailed a 420 was 3 weeks before the Qualifier. We trained every afternoon at KYC for 3 weeks and raced on week 4. Then we sailed for another 3 days on a 420 prior to this race. We are basically brand new to using a spinnaker and to this boat. But it’s a lot of fun!

We'd like to keep competing and learning how to sail new boats! We also would like to sail in college and make a career out of sailing.

Makani (above pic, left - skipper)

In preparations for the Chubb Champs in Michigan, I've been sailing in the 29ers, Melges 24s, and IQ foil 5 days a week with little rowing sessions in between. My goal in sailing is to continue to compete in all of the classes I sail now, and as much as I can at the national or world level.

Bryce (middle)

I sailed on Backbreaker, a Melges 24, with Ken Kaan during an IRF and also sailed many days on the 29er with Makani Andrews. Another thing I did to prepare for the Sears Cup was absolutely binging on VX one videos in order to prepare for the boat and read as many guides to the boat as I could.

My long-term sailing goal is to make a living off of sailing somehow, some way. Of course, the dream is SailGP or the America’s Cup.

Noelani (right)

In preparation for this year's Chubb Champs, I sailed a Melges 24 during July's IRF and continued to train and compete with Sage Andrews on the 29er. I also train and compete regularly in the laser radial with my KYC teammates and coaches.

My sailing goals are to continue racing in both the Laser and 29er for as long as I can and gain as much knowledge as I can soak up, all the while also maintaining a balance with my other interests. My long-term goal is to learn how to sail other high-performance boats.






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