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Registering for HYSA 2022 Membership? How to setup a Clubspot account?

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Aloha to a new member management system, HYSA Clubspot. We will attempt to help you set up your child's Clubspot account. Please allow up to 10 minutes for completion.

Create a Clubspot account in your/the parent name, thus needing to create "Profiles" for your child(ren) or you can create a separate account for your child(ren), using their own email or mobile number as a Log-in.

  1. Click here to create an account, or log in if you already have an account Clubspot Sign-up/Log-in:

  2. Click here for instructions on Creating an Account

  3. Once in your account, we encourage you to create your child(ren) Profile(s). Under "Accounts" - "Profiles" - click on "+Profile"

  4. If the junior sailor is creating her own account, she will also need to create her own personal "+Profile"

REGISTERING your junior sailor for a HYSA 2022 Membership

After you created a Clubspot account and your child(ren) Profiles, click here to register for a new membership for HYSA 2022 Sailing Season.

  1. Following your HYSA Membership registration and payment, you will be emailed a link to complete the required membership waivers in an e-signature form.

  2. This link will include the HYSA member forms below:

HYSA General Release, Indemnification, and Covenant Not to Sue Agreement

Authority to Consent to Medical Treatment in Emergency Situations

Concussion Awareness Educational Material

HYSA Social Media Policy & Consent

HYSA Code of Ethics & Sportsmanship

OTHER things to note:

1. HYSA membership is required to participate in HYSA sponsored and sanctioned events. These include but are not limited to HYSA El Toro/Laser #1-8, HYSA Open Skiff #1-8, HYSA Waszp #1-3, all HYSA Clinics - Laser, El Toro, HYSA Team, and Match Racing-420s.

2. Only the fees from HYSA Clinics, Membership, tech shirts or other merchandise are managed and collected by HYSA via its Clubspot weblinks, or on-site at Check-in (only if noted in the NOR or flyer).

3. Note that the regatta entry fee for the HYSA El Toro/Laser #1-8, HYSA Open Skiff #1-8, and HYSA Waszp #1-3 will be managed and collected by the host club. All HYSA regattas will cost $12 and will offer a discount ($2 off) if the sailor is also a US Sailing Association member.

4. All host clubs may offer other means of purchasing the regatta entry fee - such as through Regatta Network, Clubspot weblinks, or on-site at Check-in for cash, check, or credit card purchases. The regatta NOR (notice of race) will include such info.

5. HYSA Clinic registration deadlines will apply as listed on the NOR or flyer. Pre-register to avoid late fees.

** Do you need a U.S. Sailing Association membership? See the answer in FAQ section at the bottom of the "Sailors & Parents" page. **


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