El Toro & Laser Fleet

HYSA #1-8 regattas

Hawaii Youth Sailing Association holds up to eight regattas for the El Toro and Laser sailboats, hosted at various yacht clubs on Oahu.  HYSA races include only youth sailors.

El Toro & Laser

Season Points Classes

The scoring system was designed to allow the movement of individuals during the season.  Different sailors learn at different rates and this system allows each sailor to compete with others of the same experience while also competing for overall season’s points at the same time. 


Sailors move through the ranks as follows:

El Toro C4 moves to El Toro C3 after finishing in the top three once

El Toro C3 moves to El Toro C2 after finishing in the top three twice

El toro C2 moves to El Toro C after finishing in the top three, three times

El Toro C moves to El Toro B after finishing in the top three, five times

El Toro B moves to El Toro A after finishing I the top three, seven times

Laser B moves to Laser A after finishing first, three times

HYSA Season Points Awards are given to the first, second, and third place winners for each El Toro and Laser class. The first-place winner's name will be included on the class perpetual trophy.  Season points are calculated from the best 4 of 8 regattas.

El Toro C4 - Prop Cup Bowl

El Toro C3 - Shell Cup Perpetual

El Toro C2 - KYC Junior Cup Classic Perpetual

El Toro C - Rosalie Von Hamm Trophy

El Toro B - Herbert Dowsett Challenge Cup

El Toro A - E.W. Dickey Perpetual Trophy

Laser B - Atkinson Cup

Laser A - Hawaiian Island Fleet Trophy


El Toro & Laser Awards